2003 Civic Hybrid Check Engine IMA Lights

Here’s what happened. About mid-Feb, my IMA light came on. About a week later my Check Engine light came on. It was a couple of weeks before I could get into the dealer. The dealer told me that I needed to replace my catalytic converters and my IMA batteries.

I was dubious. About 18 months ago, my Check Engine light came on and stayed, and they told me to replace a catalytic converter. I did. A few months later I was notified of a class action suit settlement, about software causing problems and erroneous replacement of catalytic converters. I got reimbursed by Honda for the cost.

The dealer insisted that there were no software causes this time, that it wasn’t relays for the IMA causing the problem, etc.

I took their solution “under advisement” after being assured I’d cause no harm to the car by continuing to drive it. By Mid-March, both lights went out, and have been behaving normally for about 2 weeks now.

My mileage has been about what it’s always been…44 mpg in mixed city/highway driving.

Any ideas?

Life is good for you? You need to ask a more direct question.

Lights out. Problem solved. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Lights off means everything is OK.

Until they come back on.

Ah…there’s you’ve hit the gasket with the hammer. Until they come back on. And, you know, they will come back on.

If the problem isn’t a catalytic converter and the IMA batteries, that would be nice to know so that the dealer doesn’t insist again that it’s not something else.

I’m dubious about your dealer’s guesses. Read the post on “Catalytic Converter Failure”.