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Idea for a new car!

I have an idea for a new car. It would be called the “Tribrid” It would have a gasoline engine, an electric motor, and pedals for each passenger. Should get great gas mileage!

Sorry, its been done:


Yet I have wondered,
how about a pedal powered emergency backup for my Escape hybrid ?
An alternate means of spinning the generator.
Hiding up under the dash, maybe on the passenger side, would be either the fold down pedals or the place to attach them.

I like the idea!!!
Those that are always calling for a free ride and never offer a penny for gas.
The peddles could be on the passenger side and even in the back seats.
Need to take the soccer team to practice…no problem.

Better yet. The teens have to plug their phones into the charging system. Every text they send…pushing the keys, generates a little power for each key stroke, that charges the system. It would have to be equiped with ear muffs for the driver to filter out all the maons and groans that they have to actually do something.


lets not forget the pedal powered Porsche Top Gear reviewed a few years ago