Ice wax

I recently went to the autoparts store and saw a new type of wax called ICE is this stuff going to do the same things as regular Turtle wax? All it’s says to do I to put some on then wipe it off.


I don’t know anyting about ‘Ice’ wax, but just know that there’s not been a huge difference in all the tests of other waxes, so I’d doubt any amazing claims made by the ‘Ice’ folks.

K by the wax is clear looking I don’t know it might just be the same stuff?

You can check out ICE on the Turtle Wax website. Let us know how it works. If it’s as easy as it looks I might start waxing my cars again.

If it’s not much more $$, and it’s made by Turtle Wax, I’d have no problem giving it a try.

I says that u van put it on at direct sunlight and it won’t cake on and just like I said u pour some on your car and wipe it off ifu do it multiple times it’ll look shinier.

Yes, it will do the same things as regular Turtle Wax. Perhaps even with less effort…certainly than paste wax.

In truth and brand name car wax will protect the finish as long as you use it. And we all have preferences. I like NuFinish.

I alway kept my vehicles waxed and lookin’ good. When they got older people would often ask “how do you keep them looking so good”?
I tell them “I’ve found a miracle coating that prevents the paint from drying out”.
They always say "really? What is it?"
I always respond “car wax”.
It usually takes a moment for my response to sink in…

Try it and let us know :slight_smile:

I use a similar easy on/off product called Black Magic with great success.

One person at work was raving about the liquid version. I bought the wax version (that’s all the store had) and did not like it. Easy to apply, but very difficult to remove. I took it back and got a refund. I’ll stick to Maguiars.

Ed B.

Paste waxes are known for being difficult to remove.

How is the Meguiars in your experience?

I’ve been using Meguiars Cleaner Wax (liquid) for 25 years.

I’ve tried others and always come back to it. It’s fine on my clear coated vehicles, it’s a little harder to remove from my 93 Caprice with a Maaco paint job. It does a nice job on scratches too.

Consumer Reports tested waxes a ways back and Meguiars was 2nd and NuFinish was 1st because it was easier to remove. I picked up a bottle of NuFinish for the Caprice to see if it’s easier to use than the Meguiars.

Ed B.