Lazy man's wax

I bought Turtle Wax “Ice” synthetic wax. Used it yesterday and have never found an easier way to wax my car. You just wipe it on with a sponge and after 10 minutes wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth. I was done in minutes. Used it on the ceiling fan blades and now they don’t collect dust. Just wanted to let everyone know of a great product for us lazy car guys.

I have found that easy doesn’t last very long. Let us know if this has any staying power.

It doesn’t. If you want an easier way to wax, the best way is to learn to use an orbital buffer with paste wax. I recommend Meguiar’s Gold Class. Practice with the buffer on a $20 junkyard fender panel first so you learn how to do it without burning the paint.

This is what I do. Wash car, go over with clay bar. Machine buff with polish or rubbing compound depending on the paint condition. Machine apply swirl remover. Machine apply glaze. Hand apply wax. Polish headlights and tail lights with Plastix. I do this at least once a year with a clay and wax inbetween. To each his own. I’m not looking for easy, I’m looking for head-turning.

I use the spay-on wax when I wash my cars, I’ll wash the car, dry it, then use the spay on wax stuff and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. @Keith is correct, it doesn’t last nearly as a long as a proper wax job with a buffer or a lot of elbow grease would. But IMHO it is good to use between proper waxings. I normally wax my daily driver 4 times a year, and just use the spray on stuff whenever I wash my car, it works pretty well for me.