IAC valve removal on Celica



I have a 1990 Toyta Celica with the 2.2 liter(5sfe) engine that I’m trying to replace the water coolant hoses on. There’s a could of small hoses that go into the throttle body of the fuel injection unit. They’re in kind of a tight place where it looks like if I remove the IAC valve (looks like it allows air into the engine around the throtle valve) that I can get easier access. The service manual says in order to remove the valve I need to remove the throttle body. Is there more to these IAC valves than it looks? Looks like there are just 2 easily accessible screws holding the thing onto the throttle body. Could the actual Toyota service manual be wrong?




You can look at the idle air control valve (iac), and the throttle position sensor (tps), at www.autozone.com. The iac is held on by four bolts. What you are probably looking at is the tps. Remove two little screws, and tps is off!


Thanks, I think that cleared things up for me. I thought the IAC was the throttle body, and that the tps sensor was the IAC valve.


Don’t take the IAC motor and pintle off using the two accessible screws. You will have a hard time getting the pintle back centered in the orfice which will cause sticking and unusually low cold idle speeds. The IAC comes from Toyota mounted to the adapter. If the IAC needs replacement, you remove the hoses; remove the throttle body; remove the four bolts holding the adapter to the TB; and reassemble. If you want to change the hoses, remove the throttle body the gain better access to the hoses and clamps. Of course use a new TB gasket.


Thanks. Your post prompted me to go back to the service manual. I see now that the throttle position sensor is now mounted on the side of the throttle body(TB). I couldn’t figure out why the manual kept saying remove the 4 screws for the IAC valve when I only saw 2, the only 4 screws/bolts I saw was for the TB. I see now that the adapter you mentioned is mounted on the underside of the TB and that the IAC valve is mounted to that, so the only way to remove the adapter is to remove the TB. I should have known that just removing those two screws was just too simple a solution to what I wanted to do. The service manual never talks about removing those two easily accessed screws, only about removing the four screws on the adapter although they don’t call it that. Hopefully I can remove the hoses without messing with the TB or the IAC valve and it’s adapter. Thanks again.