I want to sell my car... need expert guidance

My car is a 1994 Camery LE and it has 190K miles on it. The engine is in perfect condition as it has been well maintained. The only problem is that it has blown air bags and slight hood damage. My question is , will anyone be willing to buy this car and if they do how much would I get for it.

In its current condition the car is not worth much at all, and you will probably have a hard time finding a buyer. The cost of replacing the air bags will likely exceed the value of the car. Then there is the crash damage, which may be more extensive than you think. You could try selling it as a parts car, but, again, I don’t think you can expect to get much money for it.

Sell it for parts or donate it. Don’t expect to get anything as a deduction if you donate it.

Don’t get trapped into selling individual parts…List it as a parts car and the buyer takes the whole thing…Your local craigslist is a good place to begin…

Start you description with “Drivable parts car with clear title for sale” That should bring you some calls.

AS soon as John Q. Public goes to sell his car he becomes a engine expert.

Sell it for parts, but be sure to spell the name right (Toyota Camry) so the prospective buyer will know what you are selling.