I want to make my engine fan roar on demand

I am currently driving a dump truck. On yhese hot days I like how the fan will roar. You can even manually turn the engine fan on via a switch on the dash.

I want to do something similar on my caprice, I don’t want it to roar unnecessarily all the time, I would like to be able to control the engagement.

Any ideas? I thought about a flex fan but I don’t feel those roar enough. I want this baby to scream.

Seriously , you need a real hobby.


Put one of these on your dash:

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Reach around the front of the fan and flip the fan clutch bimetal thermo spring off its post. The fan will roar like a helicopter taking off.


clip a baseball card onto the fan. :rofl:


Install an electronically controlled fan clutch, like the ones used on pickup trucks.

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I think Rick wants some more attention🤨


This is what im after.

I want it to roar because I like the sound in the dump truck, it wont be the same in the caprice because it has an automatic transmission but it will be enjoyable.

The main thing is I want roar on demand, I will drop the transmission in low and roar my way thru the parking lot so people get out of the way, its s safety thing really. These people walk down the middle of the laneway completely oblivious to anything around them.

Why not do what I and most people do use the horn.


So you want people to get out of the way, because they should know better than to inconvenience Rick, the ruler of us all . . . ?!


If one of those pedestrians files a police complaint, the cops will probably agree that it is a safety issue.
However, I don’t think they will believe that you were the person whose safety was endangered.


Well do you just walk in the middle of the laneway? Or do you move to the side? I move to the side. Most of the people around here drive loud trucks. People dont hear my car many times i believe is the problem. But if I want the fan to roar because i like the sound so be it.

How is driving 5 to 7mph endangering pedestrians? What about the angry puckup drivers flying thru the parking lot at 20mph roaring thier engines? Is that endangering the public? By dropping it low it will cause the engine to race a little and that will help the fan roar. Much like a stickshift vehicle.

I am a professional driver. I drive safe and sane. I have extensive training on safe driving.


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I’m not sure why you always defend your ideas and actions by mentioning what OTHER people do . . . ?!

Just because some other people are worse, doesn’t mean what you’re proposing is decent and acceptable behavior, imo

And if those people are indeed walking in the laneway, just let them. They’re either on the way to their car, or on their way to the store. They’ll get there soon enough. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill


If you decide upon the electric-fan clutch idea, find out how much current that requires to activate. If more than one amp, suggest to also install a relay too. Avoids running a lot of current through a dashboard switch.

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The nerve of those people causing Wheres Rick an extra 30 seconds to leave the parking lot.

I do walk to the side but I also park as far away fron the store as I can so I can just drive away . I also pull through so I don’t need to backup .


My bil has lake pipes on his 62 fairlane. Pull the plug and straight pipes making a lot of noise. A lot more fun.


People are missing the point of this, forget i ever said anything about a parking lot. I just want the fan to roar. I like the noise it makes, its unlike any loud exhaust ect.

The dump truck fam really roars sometimes and I like making the engine sing when it does.

I cannot be the only one who likes the fan noise.