I want to install an airbag in a car that does not have

I have a 2014 Kia k5, but it does not have a passenger airbag and I want to know if I can install one

If this model originally came with an airbag and the currently installed airbag is defective, then the answer is yes. Just bear in mind that related sensors and other electronic parts might also need to be replaced.

If it did not originally come equipped with an airbag, then the answer is NO.


A badly designed airbag can just as easily kill the passenger as save their life. So, no you cannot install one.

That said, your 2014 Kia K5 must be a Korean car since in the USA we call it an Optima. I’d be surprised if your 2014 car does not have a passenger side airbag already as the US mandated them in 1998. Not sure why Kia would remove it for the Korean market cars.

Those cars were also sold in China and Malaysia, and it is possible that certain safety features are not required by those governments.

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Agree with that. Airbag laws differ from the US, especially in those regions.

Ask your passenger to sit in back seat.

I know a number of hot airbags you could put in your passenger seat.