I want my 2017 Chevrolet Cruze louder...without a new muffler system

I want to make my car louder without paying for a new muffler system. I’ve read and watched videos of people who put two to four washers in between where the pipe (muffler) connects to the other pipe leading to the engine. My question is, would it hurt my car if I do this splitting of the pipe? Keep in mind, this split would occur an inch before the 2nd O2 sensor under my car. While the O2 sensor is “needed”, the split would still allow air through, but would also allow are to escape a little. So, if I did this, would it hurt my car?

Really Dumb idea. You could possibly cause warranty problems , turn on engine light , and might even get fumes in the vehicle which is not safe. This is a Cruze , not a 60’s Gasser .


If you are too cheap to buy a louder exhaust the right way, don’t follow dumb advice to cheat the system by creating an exhaust leak that could harm you with invisible, odorless carbon monoxide, set codes and violate your warranty.