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I think my truck rides rougher than it should

This a 2000 Dakota with a 3.9 automatic, 2wd if that helps. What I’m getting is a ton of vibration in certain parts of the road (it does not appear to be rpm related cause i can coast through the sections and get same results). Some parts of the road make it feel like I’m sitting in a massage chair. The upper and lower control arm bushings, front bearings and front and rear shocks are brand new and this still occurs. I feel almost every single pebble in the road. I also have a body mount bushing that is flat under driver side door just about where the mirror is. It really feels like all of it is coming from the back of the truck. I lowered tire pressure from 35 to 30 to see and it rides the same, I even added 300 pounds of weight over back axle and still same results. One person mentioned it should be the transmission mount, but it was even doing it before I replaced the mount yesterday (mount is brand new, but it’s almost flat as a pancake). Any help would be nice. I really want to get this fixed mostly for my 3 kids that ride in back.

Does it vibrate on smooth roads?
Do you plan on changing that flat body mount any time soon?
Are the coil spring upper insulators shot?
Are you using tires that are of a different size or type than the OEMs?
Is this vehicle new to you or is this a change in ride to a vheicle you already owned?

I doesn’t vibrate on smooth roads.
I’m going to change the body mount soon as i have 100.00 to spend.
I never knew it had upper spring insulators. It feels like all the vibration is from the back of the truck. Steering wheel never shakes. I have had the same size tires on it since i bought it. The shaking started about 10,000 miles ago and I never had money to get it checked but now i’ve been replacing all parts I can that are broke and nothing has stopped it. I have had the truck 7 years.

Good photo.

Yeah, if this is the shape your body mounts are in you’re bound to get vibrations up into the cab. I’d change all of 'em. They should be fairly inexpensive.

Not for me. They are quoting me 70 for each mount and i have about 6 or 8 total. I can’t find them any place cheap. On unemployment right now cause they don’t seem to need people that like working with computers here in Texas lol.

Sincerely sorry to hear about your situation.

These type of rubber doughnuts are common in a lot of applications. Perhaps the parts store would have some inexpensive rubber doughnuts of a similar size on one of their display racks that would work. They might not be the exact size or durometer the manufacturer designed in, but they’d be better than metal to metal.

I will definitely look for other options and hope that’s the source of the problem.