I think my car is melting

I own a 2002 VW Golf and I moved to Las Vegas a few weeks ago just in time for summer. It’s unbelievably hot out here, especially for someone coming from temperate southern California. After being here for about a week, I noticed a strange , yellowish, waxy substance forming stalactites just underneath the very front of the driver side door below the door hinges. Is this grease from the door hinges? Is it possible that it melted because of the heat? It has been about 105-110 degrees here.

There has been no appreciable change in how the door opens and closes, so should I worry?

Thanks for your insights.

Yes, it could be lubricant of some sort, softening in the heat and dripping.

I don’t think you should worry, but try to determine exactly what is so you can replace it now and then.