I think I got bad gas

I filled the tank in my 2005 Jeep Liberty, then drove the 5 miles home. The next day while driving, the Jeep started to rapidly lose power, knock while trying to accelerate, and it won’t go over 40mph or 1500rpm. I thought it was water in the gas, so I put in dry gas to no avail. I’ve never had this happen before…what do I do?

Go back to the service station and ask them about this. You won’t be the only one if the gas was somehow contaminated. In other cases mentioned on this forum the oil companies compensated drivers that had problems.

Start with Winarth’s suggestion of going the station. If it’s bad gas, then best solution is to have a mechanic drain the gas tank and start over with good gas. Not super expensive, but it still costs you time and money. Start there. Proving bad gas and where it came from isn’t easy so you may have to suck it up. Have you replaced the fuel filter too? If it’s bad gas, the fuel filter may have gotten plugged up.

Take your car to a mechanic and have it diagnosed. I imagine your check engine light has illuminated or at least during knock/loss power. Have the codes read. It could be a faulty engine component or bad fuel. You can also ask the service station if any other complaints (yet) too.

Similar thing happened locally here but it was diesel incorrectly placed into regular fuel tank by the delivery company.

When I get bad gas I just use 4 Alka Seltzers. Nasty taste but it works.