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Bad gas

car was running fine on trip to florida. traveled about 800 miles filled up at station was a old station not one that had alot of business.
drove about 90 miles car started to sputter and died , was told it was my fuel pump .had to have replaced i think i got scammed but i had to get
back on road so i told them to replace it whats the symtons of bad gas

I can’t comment in detail, but bad gas is a distinct posibility. On this site we keep warning drivers not to tank up at “Joe’s Bait & Tackle” in the Ozarks because of stale gas or significant contamination.

Bad gas will just make the car run poorly most of the time, but it usually does not destroy the fuel pump unless you tried to drive on vapors and nearly ran the tank dry. That might overheat the fuel pump, and if you have a lot of miles on the vehicle, destroy it.

If you give us make and model with the mileage, others may be able to comment more clearly.

I agree with Docnick regarding where NOT to buy gas, but the OP was not clear regarding some of the details.

Did the symptoms go away as soon as the fuel pump was replaced?
If the answer is yes, then that is a pretty good indication that “bad gas” was not the source of the problem.

Perhaps the fuel pump on this mystery vehicle (with unknown odometer mileage) was just plain worn out.

Perhaps the fuel filter was long overdue for changing, and that this contributed to a shortened life for the fuel pump.

Or, maybe there was a problem with that gas.
Until we get some additional details, nobody knows for sure.

So you replaced the fuel pump and the symptoms disappeared ? Then it was the fuel pump if that’s the case. Need to be more specific…

I would suspect the sock filter in the tank or the fuel filter. I don’t ever let the tank get below half full on a trip though so even bad gas should not stall it. I got some bad diesel in DesMoines with my new Olds. Made it about 60 miles and I was down to 20 MPH for the remaining 150 miles home. Fuel filter was clogged. Finally had to pull the tank and empty all the water and crap out of it.

It could have just been chance that the fuel pump failed. Gas actually cools the pump by design.
If the pump is old enough and it is frequently running low on gas, it can cause the pump to fail.

Not sure how often ‘bad gas’ is the actual cause of problems. Sure, it happens but most of the time it is said to be the cause because the actual cause of the problem cannot be explained, imo.