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Bad Gas?

How can you tell if your car problems are caused by tainted or contaminated subpar gas?

There was a news story recently where they said many people were getting reimbursed by a gas station for damage to their cars because bad gas was purchased from their station.

I currently have a mystery problem with my vehicle no one can solve as of yet. Basically it died after 2 miles of driving one morning and after about 30 miles on a new tank of gas the previous day. It won’t start now, but fuel pump/pressure, spark, etc all checkout fine.

Looking for ideas…

its possible you could have bad gas in your car. Also did you check to make sure there are no vacuum leaks? does the starter crank when engaged? it sound like there might also be a problem with the idleing of your car. if thats the case it probly just needs to be adjusted. let me know what else you find and i give you as much info as i know.