I put pressure on driver seat back and heard a pop and rattle

Hello, I have a habit of putting pressure against my driver seat when I’m sitting (left foot against foot rest and pushing body back into seat). Today I heard a “pop” and then a kind of rattle like something broke off and fell. I couldn’t see anything under the seat that may have fallen off and the seat hasn’t seemed to make any noises since. What could have that been?

You could have broken something. You might have just popped one tooth to the next on the adjuster. There is no way to know for sure unless you take the seat apart.

My best guess is that the lumbar support mechanism (assuming that Elantras have such niceties) broke. Many of these devices are not built very robustly.


Could even be more minor than that. It’s possible as you pressed against the seat back, it opened up enough of a gap next to the seat pan that a coin you didn’t know was there dropped under the seat.

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Thanks. I’m not gonna take the seat apart as I haven’t noticed any issues since.