I own a honda ridgeline 2006/im thinking about trading it for a civic 2008 exl

So i have in my hands a 2006 ridgeline awd with 213k miles on it and a salvage title. but it runs like a dream, im still adapting to the mpg it gives, all my time driving i always owned 4 cylinder sedans now i have the option to trade it for a 2008 civic exl with 179k miles and also salvage title though its in better shape then my ridgeline my truck needs a few cosmetics done like changing the front bumper and back bumper but is in excellent condition mechanically, no dash light on and just had major maintenance done. The guy is coming tomorrow or in a few hours after writing this post i need some input in this. Will a stroller fit in the trunk of the civic? My wife disagrees that i even consider trading it for a sedan but gas prices here in California are high thanks and i wait to see what you guys think

Couple of points to ponder:

First, you should always listen to your wife. She’s generally right even when you think you’re right.

Does the Ridgeline currently meet your needs in life? It will definitely carry a stroller. And since you’re bringing up a stroller I assume you have kids. Kids will have more room in a Ridgeline.

You know your Ridgeline, what issues it has, etc. What do you know about the history of this Civic?

And as far as the cost of gas…If you sit down and do the math, generally you’re better off keeping the vehicle you have, even if it uses more gas. You can “save” money on gas by getting a smaller vehicle… but if you have to finance (make a payment) on the new smaller vehicle, you may not be saving any money overall.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


Sorry, I gave up even reading at “salvage”


In better shape ? or just prettier ?

I’m in the don’t do it camp.


Why did you buy a suv/ truck? I have 2 suv’s And am looking for a sedan. It is paid for? No loan?

Since you have an option then use the part where you don’t do this.


Don’t do this

The Civic is almost as old, only has 34K less miles, and it’s also got a salvage title

On top of that, you don’t know the car, whereas you know everything that’s wrong with the Ridgeline


I’d keep the Ridgeline if it is running well. You got lucky with the salvage title Ridgeline. You probably won’t be as fortunate with a salvage title Civic. If you really want to get a smaller vehicle for improved gas mileage, buy one without a salvage title an less than 120,000 miles on it. Sell the pickup if anyone will buy it. Good luck with that though.

Suppose for the sake of argument, we ignore the obvious risk of trading a known vehicle for an unknown one. Here’s the problem: trucks hold their value way more than cars do at similar mileage and condition.

For example, consider a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Tacoma of similar vintage. Whether that year is 1998 or even 2008, the used Tacoma is worth at least twice as much as the used Camry, all else being equal. Again, consider a used Ford Taurus and a used Ford Ranger of similar vintage. Again, even though they might have cost the same new, the used Taurus might only be worth $1,500 or less, while the Ranger might fetch $3,000 or more.

My advice is to stay away from this “deal”, keep your Ridgeline, and have the necessary repairs done. Then either keep driving it, or sell it for what it’s worth and buy something else. I have no idea what your Ridgeline is worth without seeing pictures of it, but a 2008 Civic with 179k miles isn’t worth more than $2,000 with a salvage title–even if it looks and runs like new.

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You make some good points

And I’ll take it even further

Let’s consider some old Fords

2000 Ford Taurus

2000 Ford Ranger

I wouldn’t buy the Taurus under any circumstances, as it’s worth nothing, except a trip to the crusher

I might consider buying the Ranger on the cheap, as a truck to run errands, pick up stuff at Home Depot, pick up that new big screen TV or refrigerator at Costco, and so on

Yes i decided to call the deal off but now im at a crossroads cause somone just offered me a jeep compass 2007 clean title and 2021 sticker lol

How bout a jeep compass 2007 clean title im tempted but i heard so many bad things about jeep

Curious , who is this someone ? And why are you not trying to improve your transportation vehicle instead of looking at 13 year old vehicles that might not be dependable.

A Jeep Compass is :poop:

Run away from that one



Unless you are a glutton for punishment, I urge you to avoid buying a highly-flawed Jeep Compass.


@Javier_Aldair Why would you trade away a vehicle you say runs like a dream???

Trucks may use more gas but generally are durable for long miles and use. You don’t mention it needing any major work. Sounds like keeping what you have for now makes more practical sense financially and in reliability.


I like the Jeep compass idea better than the others here I guess. I wouldn’t buy one myself, I prefer widely sold top-rated reliability sedans myself; but if you want a Jeep-like vehicle and don’t mind it’s “iffy” engine performance and cargo space, it ain’t that bad of an option. It seems to be about the middle of the pack reliability wise, compared with other vehicles of its type. Faithfully following the recommended routine maintenance and a conservative driving style should be all you need to do. If you think its a “leaner” for your purposes, my recommendation is to go for it if it has a manual transmission. Automatic? Let somebody else buy it.

A four door hatchback is a “Jeep like vehicle”? The Compass is a cheap car closely related to the Dodge Caliber.


Compact sport utility vehicle is what it says by Googling Jeep Compass

Very true and a nice example I will be keeping the truck