Need to sell my 2001 celica gts

I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GTS w a blown motor and need to know how much I should sell it for. Has good tires nice rims newer transmission… I’m a girl who knows nothing about motors and I don’t have the time,money, or anyone to help To replace the motor ( my man doesn’t treat me well and refuses to help, he’s the reason it’s blown also, he was mad at me and dumped something in my gas or oil to make it messed up… I know I know what a dick…rt, soon enough he’ll get his karmas a bitch ) I have a kid who’s my youngest sons friend who wants to buy my car rt now but don’t know how much I should sell it to him for

Thats a good question but the answer may not be what you would like to hear. You are not in a very good position in this sale attempt and you need to find the right buyer.

Do this… Find out how much the blue book value is. Then think that the cheapest used motor swap will easily cost $1000 including installation… and you will see where abouts you are in this Sh%#ituation.

You can also post the theoretical sale idea within some online Toyota enthusiast websites…there will be an area to post to owners of the same model you have… The people there will most likeley be where you find a buyer as they may have good engines in bad vehicles and or any number of spare parts as they are enthusiasts for that model… So an excellent place to find the right person willing to take on a project.

Good luck with it… you will find someone see what offers you can drum up…

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It sounds like the car is the least of your worries

Leave this guy now

You could call the local junkyards and accept the highest offer, provided they pick it up

Or you could donate the car to your local npr-affiliated radio station. They’ll arrange the paperwork and pick it up


I am guessing $300 to $500 would be an expected sale price, If I was listingit that is what I would put it out for.

Maybe auto insurance will at least give you fair market value for your Celica. Ask them if your insurance policy pays for damage like this. Also, if you can prove that Mr. Dirtbag did this, you can make paying for the damage the least of his worries. I’m thinking of legal recourse, of course.

“he put something in my gas or oil to make it mess up” Doesn’t sound like good evidence to me, especially on a 19 year old car.