I need help!

What vehicles will match parts with an Isuzu Trooper II (1991) 2.8L V6, especially

the radiator and fan?

When you check for parts at www.advanceautoparts.com it will show a list of other cars the part is used on.
Salvage yards have this type of information in the Hollander catalogue.

Depends on the part.

The 2.8l is made by GM. It’s been in many different vehicles, from the S-10 to the Firebird…and even the Fiero.

With the fan, it will interchange with the 3.1L engine used in later Troopers and Rodeo/Amigos/Passports as well as the version in the S10 Pickups and Blazers. Maybe even the Camaro and Firebird, but they might have smaller fans. This 2.8/3.1 engine is not to be confused with the FWD version of it, which obviously doesn’t have a fan at all! The radiator, however is probably an Isuzu part which might interchange with the Rodeo and Amigo, but will probably be differant than the GM versions.

Thankyou. I wasn’t aware of the Hollander Interchange Catalog.

I’m glad that you are now aware of the Hollander Interchange Catalog. Now, other people reading this forum, who, like you, want to know what part will interchange on another vehicle will know of that source of information for that. Well done!

Thanks for the info GreasyJack. I’ll go back to the auto salvage yard and check out the vehicles you listed, maybe I’ll get lucky. As for the fan, my old one is a 16 inch; will a 15 inch work, or a 17 inch
trimmed down to 16?

Thanks. The water pump and engine are stamped ‘GM’, so I hoped other parts of the Trooper would swap out
with certain GM vehicles, though the guy at the junkyard said no.