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I need help please~

Hello, My 1998 Honda Crv was just replaced the timing belt this afternoon. But I found that the tachometer is lighter than before which gets under 1,000rpm, and it drives lumpish. Futher more my cd player doesn’t work after the replacement. since I’m a new driver, can you tell me what’s the problem of my car?

If the car was running fine before the belt replacement and it’s now erratic then odds are that someone has the belt timing off a tooth or two or the ignition timing is off due to the distributor not being timed correctly.

In theory the ignition timing should be exact or very close after the timing belt change but anything is possible. That is why timing should always be inspected after the belt replacement; even if one is 99%+ certain it’s correct.

The CD player I have no idea. If the entire radio system is dead I might say that someone, somehow inadvertently popped a fuse but if the AM/FM works then it may be conincidence and not related to the belt work. Hope that helps.

(Have that belt work rechecked. Do NOT allow this problem to continue.)

thank you very much for your reply!
yes,you got a right guess!The AM/FM doesn’t work either.
I’m gonna to “fight” with the mechanic tommorrow!

Check your owners manual about the radio. If it has a theft detterent system that will explain the non-working problem. They probably disconnected the battery and the radio “locked”. It may need a code input, the manual will have the default but a prior owner may have changed it.