Head blown?

my car was ok the night before then the next morning found friend tinkering by my timing belt and the cover was off. so i went to start my car and it was sputtering like it didnt want to stay running then it backfired n died. is my head blown or is it the timing?

it sound like to me it is your timing

What year and mileage and equipment and why was your friend tinkering with a car that was ok?

This car should have an interference engine. This means if the belt was installed incorrectly it’s possible the intake valves in the cylinder head will be damaged at a minimum; depending on how many teeth off, etc.
Ignition timing could also be behind this problem as that is affected by a timing belt change. (at least on distributor equipped cars)

I’ll bite. How in the world did it come to pass that your friend decided to tinker with the timing belt while you were apparently in bed?

I agree that your valve timing is likely off by a notch or two on the timing belt, and as was said, this could lead to valve damage.

Are you sure that this guy is a friend?
He sounds more like either an enemy or a j.o. prankster with a nasty sense of humor.

I’m hung up on this idea of finding your friend tinkering with your timing belt. Is there a rational explanation for this?

Timing is off with possible engine damage.

Yeah, I’m with you.

My diagnosis is a defective friend. Get it replaced ASAP before it causes more damage.

One more patiently waiting for more info on just why a friend (or an ememy) was messing with your car. Did you hire someone to work on your car? I am thinking you mentioned your car was running bad and this person decided to give it a look and now things are worse.

Apparently this is going to be yet another one stuffed into the We’ll Never Know file.

Reset your timing and replace your so-called friend.