I missed the DexCool Settlement Date Any Suggestions?

I just found out that my intake manifold gasket has been ruined by a defective design. I missed the DexCool settlement date, which was in October of last year. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do? Is there any one at GM that I could contact for some sort of restitution?

Was your car in the affected group? the settlement does have a cutoff date for a reason. Have you read the settlement for any exceptions?

i also missed the cut off date for the dexcoolant settlement.had the upper and lower intakes they were not taking anymore claims.talked to my mechanic.he told me that you might get #50 dollars.and the time line is up no other recourse.dominic

I don’t know what the particulars are in the US about this Class Action, but up here in Canada we have to have submitted the claim form (along with all pertinent information of repair and cost) by the final deadline of April 30,2009.

*The class action was certified for settlement purposes and the Settlement approved by Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on October 20,2008.
All National Class Members who submit a proper Claim Form, Proof of Expenditure, and Proof of Ownership before April 30,2009 will be eligible to receive payment from the Claims Administrator according to the payment schedule…

Go to the following website and you will see if your vehicle makes the list.