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Gm dex-cool intake manifold class action lawsuit

dear tom and ray:

i have a 2002 chevy venture with 103,000 miles on it.other then a few minor repairs we have been faithfully following the recondmadations in the owners manuel. at 100,000 miles it recomends having the raditor flushed. i have it done and now i find out that the oil from the engine is leaking into the antifreeze. i was told from the manager at the oil change place that dex-cool antifreeze eats through the plastic seals on the intake manifold and that the raditor should be flushed much more often then gm i have any options against the dealer to repair this? i was told it could cost $700.00 or $800.00 thanks for your help-alan

Your best friend in regards to this issue is Google. “Google” “DexCool Settlement”.

Your claim would not be against the Dealer but against GM.

You must make sure your car is included in the affected group.

If your car is not in the group you are free to go it alone against GM.

Lot’s of info on this board about DexCool,just look around.

From consumer Dex-Cool Class Action Deadline Nears
Complaints must be filed by October 27, 2008

You may have missed out. Research as oldschool recommends.