I miss my truck

I am the original owner of a 1992 Ford Ranger Supercab XLT 4X4, it is my baby. I alternate driving this truck as I also own a SUV. Last month I noticed that it sometimes wouldnt got into Drive, like it was only in neutral, other times it would be fine. I took it to my favorite shop twice with other repairs and asked my mechanic to look at that issue as well, both times he didnt have time. But continued driving the truck. On the third visit I asked only for him to look at that issue, he said the steering column stablized ring was leaking the trans fluid while I was driving and so he replaced that, he also adv me that I was 2 quarts low in fluid and he topped it off. He also adv that the pump may have been damaged as well as I was driving it low, but told me to keep an eye on the fluid. I continued driving it. 2 weeks later I drove it approx 35 miles out, checked it, everything was fine. But on the way back I noticed I was no longer in Drive- doing 65 down the highway. I pulled over, looked underneath and saw what appeared to be the pump pulsating the fluid out onto the road. This was next to the oil pan location. Am I now looking at a transmission overhaul? Or is there another more convenient route I can go?

forgot to add, this is a C3 automatic transmission.

If you saw fluid pouring out of the transmission, you have a major leak. I would guess from a trans fluid cooling line. If it is that, it is an easy repair that will most likely not require the transmission to be removed. HOwever, I’ve also seen front oil seals blow out and cause this. This will require the transmission to be removed to fix. Have your mechanic look at it first, and determine if a transmission shop is needed.

That does sound more like a easier fix to have the lines checked. However at this time, I would have to have the truck towed, I am also unemployed, which means repair is not possible at this time. How can I take care of my truck while it sits, I know most vehicles that sit require regular driving, and I have heard that letting an engine idle is not good, and since this pump- pumps while the engine is on, what can I do to take care of my vehicle in the interium?

Not much, due to the problem. You’ll just have to let it sit until you find the money to fix it. Trying to run it or idle it will just cause more damage to the transmission.