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I am female, retired, 64, and have no car savvy friends or relatives. I have posted several questions regarding my soon-to-be purchase of a very small station wagon or 4 door hatchback. I require super gas mileage and the ability of the car to hold a large dog crate in the cargo area. And, I need a fairly inexpensive car. Not to be too choosey, but I would also like said car to be comfortable, reliable, quiet… Everything I have asked has been answered, usually by several people, and the information offered has been very useful. Thanks guys! I should have the money to buy the car in early April and I am leaning toward the Fit; not because it is my first choice, but because it seems to be the best buy for my money and requirements. If I bought for looks only, I would grab a salsa red Pontiac 2008 Vibe. That is the reason for my most recent question; a review I read said the Vibe is noisy. I am considering so many different cars that I will certainly have a long list of test drives. Again, thank you to all who have responded.


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You’ve done your homework. Ignore the reviewer’s comment. “Noisy” is a relative term. Test drive the car and if you’re confortable with it’s characteristics, buy it. If not, keep looking.


You definitely will want to take the car for a test drive, simply because the term “Noisy” is entirely subjective.

The Pontiac Vibe is based off of the Toyota Matrix, and I’ve gone for a couple of rides in those cars, and I would not label them as noisy at all.



I would say the noise level of the Vibe and Fit are not that much different, and the Fit is also available in Fire Engine Red! Besides, the Fit costs a lot less new.

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We appreciate your comments.

We would also like to hear about your test drive results; some of us are also considering buying the same type of car that meets your own needs.


Isn’t it awesome??? I’m thrilled to have found it and plan to “pick brains” here often…

Signed, another woman driver (and non-mechanic)…


I’m the guy who complained that the Vibe is noisy. It definitely is compared to the midsize cars that I’m used to, like the Accord, Regal, Impala, and Lacrosse. But compared to equivalent cars, it is no noisier. By all means, test drive it. My opinion should not keep a car off your list, but make you to be aware of it when you go for a test drive. It may be the quietest car in its class for all I know. The car may not be right for me, but could be just right for you. Use all the information offered to make an informed choice.