I Know What The Vibration Is From!


Regarding the woman who called at 9:45 this morning who had a vibration in her car at any speed: My husband’s 2000 Lexus GS300 had the exact same problem. It had 93.000 miles on it and we had just had the tires rotated. A brake caliper was damaged and sticking intermittently. It finally got bad enough that the problem was obvious by the wheel getting very hot! Audrey in Maysville, KY


A stuck caliper is just what I would suggest


Yep a stuck caliper. Possibly caused by a clogged brake hose?
Happened to me.


I read the other answers and they are all wrong.

Chevy 4wd trucks have a steering damper, which is like a shock absorber connected to the drag link and the front differential. This stops the inherent tendency for the front wheels, including the steering wheel, to wobble. When the damper wears out, hold on, it can get really bad! Replace the damper!

Stuck calipers do vibrate. But they also get VERY hot, and give off a strong burning metal smell. Also, the car will bog down like its really loosing power, because, one brake IS on, hard. Also, if it is a front caliper that is stuck, the steering wheel will vibrate in the direction of the stuck caliper.

Most mechanics don’t even know about steering dampers, unless they are 4wd or truck mechanics. Old V.W.'s used to have steering dampers, back in the 60’s and 70’s. But most of those mechanics are retired by now.


My guess: the steering intermediate shaft. I have a 2003 Silverado that had this problem at about 6000 miles. The dealer replaced the intermediate shaft and fixed the problem. At 41000, the problem is back. Now the dealer will not replace the shaft but lubricate it as “the fix” which apparently works for a while. This is common on many full size GM trucks for multiple years and there are one or more TSB’s that document it.


See the attached TSB from GM.


I have run into this problem only two times in my life. Of all the trucks I’ve worked on…I have seen all of the other post…I have found the steering box bolts loose from the frame.on only two trucks with the same symptoms as the woman described this morning, hope this will help.

                                     Steve Lawrence
                                     Elliston, VA