I just finished a book

I downloaded a book to my Kindle yesterday and just finished it, Most of my fellow gearheads here will love it. It’s called “Fins: Harley Earl, the rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit”. If you are not a Kindle reader, it’s available in paperback. The title is fairly self explanatory. I finished the book so quickly because I couldn’t put it down.


Was he involved in the appearance of the 30’s and 40’s cars? I’ve always like those, sort of a big gumdrop, FBI looking cars. My family had a Studebaker made in the 1940’s, and that’s probably my favorite car I’ve ever ridden in, ranking by appearance. Performance, not so much. Maybe it was a Packard now I think about it. I’d like to read the book, but I’d prefer the audio-book version.

I am just the opposite. When I was a city driver, I always had a bag full of books with me. Sometimes there were hours of waiting time. When I went on the road, If you are driving for 10 hours and working for up to 5 more in a day, there is almost no reading time so I thought I would enjoy audio books. It turns out that I can’t stand to listen to someone reading a book.

I don’t like audio books for listening in a car. Can’t concentrate. But I prefer them for evening listening.

His first major design for GM was the 1927 La Salle. In the 30’s he did the Cadillac 60 special, and then he did the late 40’s Buick and Cadillac. His most productive period was the 50’s, where he made the cars longer, lower, and wider. The Kindle version of the book is available with audio narrative.

I agree with you, it works better than a sleeping pill for me.

1940 Buicks, definitely got the gumdrop look, very nice.

No, the 1940 Buick was derided for being the “pregnant Buick”. Earl redesigned it for Harlow Curtice.

I’ll grant the hood is a little out of proportion to the rest of the body. Is that what they meant? I suppose they needed a long hood so a big engine would fit. The 1939 Caddy Special seems better proportioned, more refined.

It’s just too bulky looking. Compare that to the 1948 Sweepspear styling that Earl did.

That Sweepspear looks like a car Flash Gordon would drive. Very modern looking. Nicely styled, I agree.

That car, while being styled under Earl’s direction, was actually done by Frank Hershey, who put the silver streaks on Pontiac back in the 30’s.

Agree with you about the waiting & down time for reading only downside as you stated was lugging a bunch of book’s with you I wish they had invented the kindle a whole lot sooner than they did also would have quite a bit more room in my house as I cant bring myself to throw book’s away I am like you about the audio book’s triyd them didn;t like them.

I have thousands of books in the house, and about 100 on Kindle.


That sound’s like my house I don;t watch or own a TV I read as much or more than a lot of people watch TV.

My wife has the TV on pretty much 24/7.

Same with my wife that is why we don;t live together but other wise we get along good.

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I think you may be on to something there Renegade … lol …

We live in the same house, but we don’t do much together.

Work’s for me.