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I have Mira dihatsu 2013 but car loses pick when headlights are turned on and sometime the speed reduces to 15km/hr or 0. when I turned off the lights car is back to normal please guide

I can think of a lot of places where you would use AC in a heart beat. Both of our vehicles have dual zone climate control and I don’t think we would purchase anything without it.

Matter of preference, my friend, matter of preference.

Power-assisted brakes are not just nice.
With the addition of disc brakes as standard equipment, power-assist braking is pretty much essential for anyone with leg strength less than that of Superman!

Point made.
But the bottom line is that I don’t need or in many cases like many of the modern bells & whistles, including climate control and satellite radio. For someone to tell me I “wouldn’t want to be without them” if I only had them suggests that they have some deep knowledge that I lack. It’s well, sort of a putdown. But in truth, that’s just plain nonsense. I’ve been around a long time. I’ve experienced far more things automotive than you apparently think. So let me suggest that when I say I don’t like something, you accept it as simply a difference in preference. Now, we can dibble and dabble and scratch out details to debate forever, never getting anywhere, or simply accept that we have different tastes in automotive accessories. You choose. I prefer the latter.