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I have Mira dihatsu 2013 but car loses pick when headlights are turned on and sometime the speed reduces to 15km/hr or 0. when I turned off the lights car is back to normal please guide

When the car headlights are on . The car starts to lose speed and eventually goes to to 0. I have to turn off the head lights to get it back to normal

“loses pick” ?? Assuming this means “loses power”…

What happens to the dash lights when this occurs? any error lights on?

Sounds like a severe battery or wiring problem. Get a voltmeter and measure the battery voltage when the car is off, running, and with headlights on, and report here.

Ditto. It sounds like you have a high resistance short to ground in the lighting circuit causing large power loss when the lights are on.

Buy a voltmeter that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

Buy a voltmeter that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

Yes, you can get these for $10-12 at I have not been able to find a brick/mortar store that even knows about these handy gadgets.

I’ve never seen one of these. The idea sounds interesting, and a simple approach for those not versed in the use of multimeters. :relaxed: I like the idea.

When i went to mechanic and he checked the battery voltage. It was okay, he said some main relay problem and may be some grip need to be fixed.I dont want to start the work of my car because i need to know proper knowledge of issue…

Whats the solution for getting rid of high resistance short.

The first step is finding it. You have some good clues from what it’s affecting. That along with copies of the schematic and the wiring diagrams for those circuits will get you there… IF you’re able to understand them. If not, and you can find someone knowledgeable in automotive electrical systems, they should have no problem diagnosing it. Often these types of shorts appear where wiring goes through relief holes in the body structural parts. Often the rubber protective grommets dry up and the wires rub the metal and fray.

Once found, correcting the problem may involve splicing and insulating the affected piece of wiring.

The issue that i think would be eco idle if you think i am right.
1- Eco idle doesnot remain green when i turn the car to eco idle. It blinks green and then orange but does not remain one.
2- When i turned the car to non eco idle. Still it doesnot remain orange but it changes to green and then orange.
The battery is new and eco idle was right when i bought the car then it wasnt working after some time. I changed the battery after 1 month and eco idle started to work but it had light issue as I mentioned above.

It could well be an electrical problem as mentioned above. That’s the most likely imo. But if that doesn’t pan out, another idea, many car computers purposely increase the idle speed when you turn on the headlights. That’s done so the engine doesn’t stall at stop signs with the higher mechanical load of the alternator powering the headlights. So there could be something wrong with that function that is causing this symptom. Not sure how it is done on your make/model/year, but on my Corolla it’s done with a a vacuum switching valve. The ECM opens it up when the headlights are turned on, which allows a little extra air into the intake manifold, speeding up the engine rpm. If that device failed in some major way so too much air was allowed in, it would create an air leak into the intake manifold that could adversely affect engine performance.

Dihatsu has not been sold in the U. S. for a number of years and most participants here are US based. Have you searched for a forum for Dihatsu close to where ever you are. You may have to even pay to have someone look at it for you.

Most of these also display cabin temperature, another useful feature. I’ve always thought it strange that most cars now display outside temp but not inside.

However, read the reviews. The first one I bought the temp read 8ÂşF high, and I had to return it.

Me too. :grin:

Doesn’t your car have automatic climate control?
After you have been driving for a few minutes, the cc system will have brought the car’s interior to the temperature that you set, and at that point, the temperature displayed on the cc panel is the temperature of the inside of the car. Obviously, for the first few minutes that temperature is only your desired temperature, but after a fairly short period of time, it is a reality.


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never owned one of those.

My current car is the second one with that feature, and I wouldn’t want to be without it. Back in the '80s, I drove limos part-time and thought that automatic climate control was a great feature. Finally, in 2001, I decided to treat myself to that option, and I liked it so much that I opted for it again on my current car.

Nope. Just a heater and an AC system… and a roof that opens. That’s all I want, that’s all I need. :grin:

I understand your position, but–just like features such as power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, cruise control, satellite radio, and other modern conveniences–once you experience automatic climate control, you probably wouldn’t want to be without it.


Nope. Cruise control and an automatic tranny help compensate for my disabilities, but I actually prefer a manual, but the other stuff not. Power windows, I have them now, but having cranks never bothered me. Power steering I admit is nice. Power assisted brakes, nice but not having them in the old days never bothered me. My radio is allegedly satellite capable… I’ve never used it. Never even bothered to look up how to. Have zero interest in doing so. Never used my AC either. I know it goes on automatically with the defroster, but I wish it wouldn’t… I’d like to have the option myself. I’ve owned climate control before and never cared for it.

It’s fallacy to think that once someone has these modern conveniences they’ll not want to be without them. It may be true for some, but I’m sure there are many like me for whom it simply isn’t. I’ve been around a long time, drove for many years before most of this stuff became commonplace, and never cared for most of it when it did.

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