1996 Toyota 4 runner manual transmission....I need help solving a problem with the headlights


When the car is off and the headlights are turned off. The headlights turn on by themselves…we shut them off…a couple hours later they were on again. Needless to say today we have a dead battery. Note: the car has a security system, also yesterday we experienced rain/humidity? Please help


I think the most likely source of the trouble would be the daylight running light control module. If you can find the limiting resistor and disconnect it while the trouble is occurring and see if the lights go out, this would verify that the trouble is within the DRL system. There may be a problem with the combination light switch but I doubt that is the trouble.


How are you turning them off?? Has the switch moved to the “on” position when you go out to the car to turn off the lights? If so, someone’s messing with you (lock the doors!) or the switch is defective in a way I’ve never heard of.


You would think someone was messing with me…but seriously…we have to go out turn the key to the on position and turn the lights on and off to shut them off…only to have them go on again an hour or so later…my suspicions about the alarm system led me to a site called yotatech.com…other people have had this problem, at this point no one can tell me how to disarm the alarm without going into a complicated under the hood thing (a female thing)…At one time around 1999…a salesman disengaged the alarm by sitting in my car and doing some process I have contacted them they will look at it ( for $150) gee thanks/no thanks. Someone out there knows


I would suspect the security system (especially if it’s an aftermarket one)- do you know if it flashes the headlamps when it alarms? If you can disconnect it (completely) that should help isolate the problem.


The toggle switch right…but it is not aftermarket it came with the car…vip toyota is what the sticker says.