I have a leak...could be PSF could be something else

Came home last night and noticed a leak underneath the van last night. So I put some white paper on the ground to see what color it was. It appears to be PSF in color and from location, however my resevior is full in fact just slightly past the full line, which is wierd as it wasn’t past it last week on my weekly fluid check. About 6 months ago or so I did a self change out of some of the power steerling fluid and replaced it with know filling it just to the fill line and it has remaind there ever since. I have checked all other fluids and all other fluids are also at their correct level and given the color of the fluid dripping (reddish) I thought the only other thing could be tranny, but it’s right where it should be and this leak is coming from near my rack and pinion. When I have the car serviced once by the dealership (oil change and such) about 2 years ago they mentioned they could see some detoration in that R/P and at some point would see a leak and would need to replace. But with no loss of fluid in the resivor, where is the fluid coming from? I have no handling issues, no whine or sounds coming from the engine and thus I am baffled.

My car: 2002 Kia Sedona Mini van/175,000 miles on it

My wild guess is that it’s only seeping past a tired rack seal and only when pressurized. It’s the beginning of a problem that can only continue to grow.

I am kinda thinking that is it since I was told about two years ago the rack would need to be replaced. So will begin the save to replace fund and montior fluid levels and limit driving I guess is my best plan of action…

Sounds like a good plan to me.
Realize that if the seal suddenly hemorrhages, and it might, your steering will suddenly require significantly more effort. You won’t lose your steering, only the power assist, but don’t be suddenly surprised and lose control.

Yep, but I basically only do city driving never getting that fast so I can slow it down and just take my time getting it home. Thanks for the advise…

Keep track of how much you have to add. If it’s not a lot, say every month or so to get to ‘low’, I’d just keep some PSF around and fill it as needed.

As of right now I have not had to add any, in fact it is slightly just above the max line, so not real sure where it is coming from and not being reflective in the resivor holder.

Power steering fluid level should be noticeably higher when warm.

What if there is little to no difference in levels from when hot from running or cold for sitting for hours?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Just check it each morning and see if the level is dropping.