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I have a 98 Honda Civic it wont crank or jump off..started smelling gas in cab..Any idideasPlease help!

You’re not hearing that "rrr rrr rrr " sound you normally do w/the key in “start”? Do you hear any sound at all? If no sound at all, and jumping directly to the battery doesn’t help, first suspect is the neutral safety switch or clutch safety switch if a manual transmission.

Can’t speak to the gasoline odor. That’s something that might happen if you were cranking the engine a lot but weren’t getting a spark, b/c of a problem with the ignition system. Gasoline would get injected in one side of the engine and out the tailpipe then, which could produce a gasoline odor you could smell even inside the car. But I don’t get the sense that’s the problem here. Suggest to focus on the no-crank problem first.

Yea it sounds like it wanted to crank I let it sit for like 30 mins with out messing with it i finally cranked I drove it home as I was driving the check motor light continuously flashed and when I got to the house I shut my car off and it didn’t crank again

OK, cranking means the starter motor is turning the engine,

Starting means the engine cranks, starts and runs.

If your engine cranks but doesn’t start, you may smell raw fuel because the ignition system is not firing it.

So any ideas on fixing it? Using the info I provided

Sorry, still have trouble with your posts.

So this means:
I have a 98 Honda Civic it wont start
Yes it sounds like it wanted to start I let it sit for like 30 mins with out messing with it i finally started I drove…

what does “or jump off” mean ???

What is the photo supposed to show? It looks like a dark blur to me.

The flashing check engine light shows that you have a misfire. Do not drive the car as this is showing that un burned fuel is going out the exhaust and getting into the catalytic converter. The cat will be badly damaged and overheat with a risk of fire. Get the car towed to a shop to get this looked at. The problems could be spark plugs, plug wires, bad timing, and many others

That flashing “check engine” light (CEL) was telling you “pull over and call a tow truck.”

It’s okay to keep driving with a solid illuminated CEL, but a flashing CEL means your car is in bad shape, and needs a professional diagnosis, something we can’t do online. Get the codes read from the computer and post them here, and someone might be able to help you figure out what is wrong.

CEL flashing and smelling gasoline are consistent with each other. CEL flashing means the engine is turning but the gasoline isn’t igniting. Could be happening in one cylinder or all of them. In either case the gas just comes out the tailpipe instead, which you’ll be able to smell. Concur w/the advice above , diagnosing & fixing the cause of the misfire is first on the agenda. There should be diagnostic codes stored in the ecm memory for this problem. Suggest to get those read out via a diagnostic scanner tool and post what you find here.