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I have a 94 Lumina with a door issues

I’m sure you probably get this question a lot from all us chronic Lumina suffers , but here it goes once again. It got a little cold the other day and it lightly snowed. My car apparently thinks this is a blizzard and three of the four doors will not shut. It’s been a couple day’s and it’s warmer, but low and behold the doors are still jammed. Is my car crazy, should I have it committed? Please tell me how to free up the locks so our family car is drivable again.

Sincerely Drew,

I’m fed up with Luminas in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You probably just need to completely clean up and then re-lube the latch mechanisms on the doors. They need grease both to help them move smoothly and to keep moisture from getting in there and icing up.

You need some kind of a non-residue leaving cleaner/degreaser (I often use brake cleaner). Clean up the latch mechanisms really well, and then grease them. You can get white lithium grease in a spray can at most AP or hardware stores.

Can’t tell if your doors won’t open or won’t close

Is the problem with your latches,release handles,or lock cylinders?

What do the striker plates look like (like the doors are hanging low)

Are the door hindge bushings in good shape?

Keep the door to body sealing rubbers lubed-up with some silicone paste

With your car being so old you may need latches,striker plates,hindge bushings,maybe even the rods from the handles to the latches need adjustment.