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95 Chevy Lumina, Update, fixed, still broken

I have talked about the probs with my 95 Lumina recently, about how it was stalling (dying) on me when I would be donig 65 on I-95, when I was idle too long at a drive through, when I would come to slow at a stop sign. They had recently put in three different compressors to get the AC working. Now the AC is working but the car is stalling up to 3-4 times a day. I took it back to the mechanic. They put in a new sensor, told me they weren’t sure if that is what is causing the problem, told me to drive it for the weekend and report back. Well I drove it and it broke down 15 miles later. It did the same things it always does, I turn the key, the car turns over, dies, turn the key, car turns over (easily) dies, did that about 3 more times, get it to actually stay started and go about 20 feet, died. Called my mechanic, after a couple more tries got it to start, stayed started, and drove it all the way to the mechanic, about 5 miles, complete with stopping at stop lights, and it was fine all the way there. They gave me a loaner for the weekend. I suggested to them a couple of the things that people have kindly suggested to me on here, including leaking vacumn hoses and a problem with the fuel filter but they said the car would either code for that or the check engine light would come on. I guess its not coding for anything. Any new advice?

Vacuum leaks can exist without coding. Vacuum leaks can exist witout the car dying. Fuel pressure or fuel volume delivery problems can exist without coding.

My suggestion is to pay paticular attention to a fuel pump related problem (either the electrical power to the pump or the pump itself)

I know its is pretty “flip” for me to suggest a fuel pump replacement but I have seen these type of situations on Luminas and other GM products. The fuel pump is a weak link in the cars reliabilty.

For year model 95 we have not yet seen all cars change over to what is known as OBD2 your car probably has OBD1 which is a handicap when it comes to diagnostics. Your mechanic is going to have to use his “pre check engine light” diagnostic skills for this one.

I’ll have to second those thoughts that Oldschool stated about the fuel pump. The same thing came to my mind while reading your post. This trouble sounds like a fuel delivery problem.