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I have a 1997 honda accord with a cv joint problem

i recently discovered on my honda accord that the right hand cv joint is creating a wobbly shaking effect when the car is running at about 80 kmh, i checked the inner joint and the outer joint, the outer joint is ok!, but the inner joint moves up and down.

the joint seems ok but from what i can see is that the inner joint spline (the part that goes into the tranny ) moves up and down a bit!, iv’e checked the left side and it moves up and down also but much less than the right side.

i recently baught a complete cv joint, but haven’t installed it yet.

has anybody had this type of problem, could it be a bad bearing/seal, and if so can the bearing be replaced without having to remove the tranny.

Any body with a solution ??

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again!!


You are getting a wobbly shaky effect at 80 km/h. Thats about 50 mph and that is the speed that an unbalanced tire wobbles the most. An inner CV joint isn’t likely to be the cause of a wobble.

Right side/left side? The passenger side axle goes into the transmission, the drivers side goes to an intermediate axle, not into the transmission so it would be stiffer. The inner joint has a splined end that goes into the transmission. There is a seal on the transmission that can be replaced without disassembling the transmission, but thats it, and the seal will not reduce any movement.

This car should have had the CV joint boots replaced by now. Do you know if the boots were replaced before they split? Has the complete axle been replaced, if so, with a new one or a reman. If the boots were replaced before they split or new axles were installed, you should not have any problem with them. If the original boots had been split for more than a few weeks before they were replaced or reman axles were used, then you could have problems.