I.D. Wires On The H4 Socket Connector?

Hi Guys

Bought a H4 Socket Connector which has three (3) colored wires I.e.
Black I know is: Ground.

However, the two (2) others; Yellow & Green.
Questions: What is the Yellow? and what is the Green wire use for?

I replaced one just the other day on my son’s car. I just went wire by wire.

Google is our friend: http://blog.modifystreet.com/h4-h13-9004-9007-common-bi-xenon-hid-kit-problems-highlow-beam-reverse/h4-9003-hb2-hid-plug-pin-polarity-pattern/

Don’t assume black is ground…use a VOM (Volt-Ohm-Meter) to determine which wire is which…