Ground cable 2001 CR-V - where to bolt?

Hello: standard 4 wd 2001 CR-V LX. A grounding cable bolted onto the front frame above the L headlight, has become unbolted at its other end. I don’t know where to connect that (unconnected) end to, nothing is jumpin’ out at me. I could go to Honda Service, where they would take 30sec once I got their attn., but I hope someone here could save me time.
-Also - if you have the answer above – is the bolt SAE or metric? The bolt once holding the cable down has disappeared (or, not knowing where it might be attached, I don’t see it…).

Thank you.

That may be an engine to chassis ground connection.

They’re everywhere on a vehicle


And it is metric as are nearly every fastener in every vehicle these days.

16-18+ AWG ground wires that connect to the body of the car near light fixtures are often – but not always – providing the electrical ground for the light fixture. Look at the corresponding light fixture on the other side of the car. Do you see a ground wire coming from the fixture connecting to the body of the car on that side? Might provide a clue. Ground wire routing usually isn’t documented very well in the manufacturer’s own repair documentation. They figure the mechanic can figure it out more easily by simple visual inspection. Even if you had a factory service manual you’d be hard pressed to figure this mystery out without comparing the wiring on the problematic side to the other side of the car, or the only way might be to compare to another CRV.