I Call You on Answer to Spies and Imposters Puzzlers

The soldier gives away his identity by holding a pair of grocery sacks in such a way as to allow him to salute. But, by Army regulations, he is not required to salute in either of his two situations:

In civilian attire

Carrying articles with both hands.

See Army Regulations, 600-25, 1-5,section i


Saluting when not in uniform and uncovered is not usually performed by members of the Naval Services. You may see this practice in the Army and/or the Air Force. If you are saluted and you are not in uniform or in uniform and not covered, tradition dictates that you do not salute. Instead you may great the person saluting you with “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, or “Good Evening” depending on the situation. If you approach someone who is senior to you and you are in civilian attire, you do not salute. Instead, you may say “Good Morning Sir or Ma’am” depending on the situation.

And this has what to do with auto repair and maintenance???


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