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I bought a car I decided isn't for me and want to sell it, do I need to register it to sell it if I'm with the 30day grace period?

I just bought a car paid cash (from a private seller) , its not exactly what I want (I can’t put a longboard on top of a convertible) after driving it for a week I want to trade it in and a car dealership (to avoid confusion completely separate from the lady I purchased it from) will give me what I want for it ( as a trade in) & I can afford to purchase another vehicle from them. The question is 2 part first I am assuming I still need to pay taxes on the purchase and transfer the title( fair enough) , the second however will affect whether I just drive it for a few more months or trade it in… In Hawaii (Maui County) do I still need to get safety inspection & register it before selling it; the car is safety and registration from the seller is still good and I believe I am within the 30 day grace period of registering the vehicle before selling/ trading in the vehicle ?

The dealer or the DMV would be the best place to get an answer on this. The dealer has probably seen this before and can help you navigate the bureaucracy.


Just a follow up …Talked to dmv…in Hawaii (Maui County) I will need to get the current title safety and registration transferred to me at a total cost of around $75… not the deal breaker I though because I was under the assumption registrations of vehicle where non transferable here

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Glad you are finding answers for HI. Every state may be different. In Minnesota you pay the sales tax on the difference between the trade and the car being bought. So if you sell the car private, then buy the other car, you pay tax on the full cost of the new car. Makes trade ins more attractive even though you get a little less.

At 75 bucks you’re getting a bargain. Here in OK it would set you back around 700 to 1000 and that’s IF it is not a real high end car.