I blame the mechanic, he blames me!

In the first picture, what is that chewed up part in the upper left side? It looks chewed up as if it was against the boot/axle. Looks like a chunk of it on top of the boot as well. Those parts are missing from the second photo…

picture in post #5 seems to be from another side, it has signs of some blunt object pressing against the boot and making a tear

Somethings the boot will split without any problem with the CV joint. I had both outer boots on my VW Rabbit split at the same time, only about 3 years old. Oil got on them , the rubber deteriorated, and split. Please don’t ask how oil got on the boots … lol … The Rabbit’s replacement boots, lacking the oil treatment, were still in excellent condition 7 years after I installed them. I had to replace both outer boots on my now-27-year-old Corolla at the 12 year mark. I noticed last time I changed the oil the replacement boots are looking a little “iffy” too. The inner boots remain original to the car, and the rubber appears to still be in good condition.

Well I got the car back today and he put new axels on both sides so hopefully they hold up this time. I still don’t know what happened to the last pair.

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I’m pretty sure it was the joint that ruined the boot. The mechanic said the left side axel was worn down and I even saw metal shavings inside the boot

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Well . . . ?!

a recently described “forgot to put the drain plug on” would not explain that :slight_smile:

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To do that much damage from running over something would have done damage to the oil pan and transmission also.

Looks like the boot was made of the wrong material and was disintegrating.