I am ready to take a sledgehammer to my 01 Galant



I just put a new tranny in my 01 Galant. A few weeks later I’ve encountered another problem which leaves me clueless. I pulled up to a stoplight, engaged the brake, and the car started jerking/shaking. I parked it, started it again and it wouldn’t go anywhere. Went back to the car a few days later and it wouldn’t start…it would turn over, but not start (if that makes sense). Based on how it had acted, I assumed it was a fuel pump problem and changed it. I put in the new fuel pump and the engine still won’t turn over. I then changed the spark plugs (they needed it anyway) and made sure all fuses worked. The thing still won’t start. Any ideas?


You “parked it, started it again and it wouldn’t go anywhere”? Can you elaborate?

You changed the fuel pump without checking the fuel pressure?

Do you now have fuel pressure at the line under the hood?
Do you have spark?


When I started it again, it just shook and when I put my foot on the gas, the car would not move and kept shaking (like a “putt putt” shake). Then after I left it for a few days, the engine wouldn’t even turn over. Still wouldn’t after the new fuel pump and spark plugs…my friend did the fuel pump for me so I’m assuming the pressure was checked but I will find out…also, there is spark.