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I am freaking STUMPED

So I have an 06 mercury mountaineer it was making a rubbing noise from the rear left tire area so i replaced the bearing took the merc for a test drive and as soon as I applied pressure to the accelerator the TCS kicked off all power and it left like the brakes on the front left engaged (accompanied by some nasty grinding noises). I have taken it apart replaced the hub assembly and the cv axle, nothing looks to be out of place and everything is clean I cant think of anything else it could be… I would like to stick a hand grenade behind the rotor at this point please advice is appreciated

When you did the left rear bearing, what became of the wheel speed sensor? Is it plugged in? How is the tone ring? Beat up? Go back to the rear and figure out what went wrong there with the system that reads the wheel speed.

Like cigroller said, check the wheel speed sensor. It’s easy to damage when changing the bearing. If the sensor is intermittently generating false data, the system may be erroneously applying the ABS, traction control, or vehicle stability system. (if you have it) You can pull the ABS fuse to test.

A descriptive thread title always helps

thank you all now i have away to head

Is this your first time doing a bearing job? My first time wasn’t pretty.