Hyundai xg300 stalling out

I have a 2001 Hyundai XG300 and it has been having a problem lately that we are unsure how to fix. Whenever it hits water, the car stalls out and then will start back up in 10 minutes or so. We had a garage quickly look at it and they said the wiring for the electrical system looked fine. They were not able to pinpoint a problem and told us it may be too involved to be worth fixing. We are not sure if we need to get a new car or if there is anyone who may be able to suggest another possibility. I know I am out on a limb here, but we are hoping someone might have an idea as to what might be triggering this problem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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Find a mechanic who knows how to handle a water sprayer. Run the car up on ramps, leave the engine idling, and spray UP with water in a controlled manner. Keep the spray confined to a small area, at a time. When the engine stalls, you will know what area you sprayed to make it stall.