Stalling Car

Hi, I’m having problems with starting my car. The problem only seems to happen on days when it is humid or damp out. I’ll turn the key and the engine will turn over but then just stall out. My mechanic replaced the spark plug wires and that seems to have helped some, but it still trembles sometimes when I first turn it on.

Any ideas? My father - in- law told me that my driving 20 minutes to work each day is what the problem is. I don’t drive the car far enough or often enough to get it really hot and to burn off any of the sediment. I’ve tried putting in the stuff to clean the lines but it too only helped a little.

Any advice? Anything ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Please ID your vehicle including the mileage

Moisture is still seeping in somewhere.

When it’s dark out, open the hood, block the wheels and set the parking brake, (you’ll be standing in front of the vehicle) start the engine and take a water spray bottle and spray water (with controlled spray, don’t drench everything in sight) at the different electrical components (one at a time) while watching for spark jump and rough running engine.

Do your wallet a favor, don’t throw ‘stuff’ at it in hopes of an easy cure. It isn’t going to happen.

Your FIL is right by mentioning you aren’t driving the vehicle long and far enough to burn off accumulated moisture, but that (internal engine) moisture is normal and is burned off quickly during your 20 minutes on the road.

Where the moisture MAY remain is in the exhaust system and unless the pipes, muffler, cat converter, etc are made of stainless steel, they will rust out.

Once a week, run it up to operating temp and go for a 1/2 hour highway run.

The mechanic could check/change the spark plugs. Short trips can cause fouling. Do the working ends of the spark plugs look like any of these?:

I have a 99 Toyota Camry with 78710 miles on it. My mechanic just replaced the spark plug wires about two weeks ago. He and I both think it has to do with moisture getting in to something. Mainly due to the fact that this problem only occurs when it?s really hot , humid or damp out.

Operating temp is when the needle is horizontal correct?

Thanks for your help! I?ll try out your suggestion about shooting water on the engine at night.

My mechanic just replaced the spark plug wires about 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what the spark plugs look like but I do know they were replaced a few years ago.

Thanks for your help!

The next simplest least expensive replacement part would be the distributor cap If you have one. After that you can take a spray bottle of water spray things until you find a source of the problem.

Ok, I that something that someone with only a little mechanical knowledge could replace? I have a 99 Toyota Camry.

Yes the best way is to look at the cap that is in the car, there is usually an identifying feature and orient the replacement cap so it matches the existing cap exactly as if you get it wrong you are in a world of hurt. Put a paper towel under it so you don’t get any grease or dirt contact, and do not touch the inside of the new cap.Then gently pull 1 wire from the existing cap by the boot or use a boot puller as spark plug wires may have an interior that cracks as easily as a pencil lead. Remove then position all the wires from the old cap to match the new cap. remove the old cap and replace it with the new making sure the plug wires treated gently go into the spacers. Do not do any severe bending or pulling on the spark plug wires. Ask if you have more questions, and If I missed something great posters please clarify for him.

If you’re driving the 4-banger know that when these vehicles get old moisture has been known to get into the coils and cause wet weather problems. The coil is located in the distributor assembly. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I believe the igniter is in that assembly also and could be suspect. Most shops change the whole distibutor.

I supposed we are met with the problem of, “After how many years should the spark plugs be replaced?”, isn’t that right?
Long story short, now is the year to replace those spark plugs.

Ok, I"ll look in to that. Any ideas how much somthing like this may cost?

But I do not think new plugs are the current issue.