Hyundai Won't Honor Their Warranty on Theta II Engine


First off the BBB is NOT a governing authority. Take them to small claims court. The BBB is a completely joke. They are for Businesses and ONLY BUSINESSES.


I’m not going to spend 14 minutes reading all the replies but isn’t this the same company that claimed they had a five year old car with one million miles on it? So lets see, they can say the average engine mileage is something like 235,000. Of course one will get 33,000 and another will get one million. Just gotta think if you feel lucky or not.


Texas IS a severe service area due to dust and humidity and your car will (or would have…) required a more stringent service interval.


It’s important to read and understand what the carmaker means by Severe Service, and make a reasonable judgment about whether your conditions apply. I think many more cars are operated a lot in the Severe Service mode, compared to the number of owners who believe it and maintain their cars accordingly.


Speculation here. I had my van in for service @ the dealer, I got a peak at the screen they pulled up and it had date sold, mileage put in service, oil changes etc. Lots of accurate detail, I am sure Hyundai has a similar system. When the OP came in with a complaint they pulled the records and saw no record of oil changes. At that point they pulled out the corporate talking points and said too bad. Since a mediator agreed with Hyundai the OP did not have evidence of proper maintenance. Sad end of story.

In PA several attorneys take on lemon law cases @ no charge to the car owner. The OP can check this out with their local Bar assoc or google lemon law lawyer like @Mustangman found


Proper maintenance does NOT (I repeat NOT) have to be preformed by the dealer. You just may need receipts to prove it was done (which the OP said he has). The mediator in this case is the BBB which is not a legal entity and can easily be overturned.

As I said earlier…the OP should get a lawyer and take them to court. Go into legal arbitration through a court system, NOT the BBB.


I’m going to chime in here . . .

Unless I’m missing something here, it appears you went 19 months before you got that first oil change at 8060 miles . . . !!!

And you yourself said the owner’s manual states to change the oil every 7500 miles or 12 months . . . so you were over by mileage AND time

So you clearly didn’t hold up your end of the bargain, and I don’t blame the dealer for denying warranty coverage. I agree that goodwill and/or a lawyer is your best bet at this point


Actually, the OP finally revealed that he had the first oil change done at a bit over 8,000 miles, and according to the dates that he provided, it appears that it took him 19 months to accumulate those miles. Is it any wonder that the engine was filled with sludge and that the dealership isn’t even interested in looking at his “notes” if he went 19 months w/o an oil change?


DB4690’s comments about the oil change regime reminded me that I also had the same thoughts but chose to not list them. Now that this particular cat is out of the bag… I would have been going on my 2nd if not the 3rd oil change by 8K miles. New engine break in…1K change oil… at 4K…do it again…and again at 8K. Then thereafter every maybe 5-6K… But I didn’t want to incite riots


That 2014-6 period is 19 months, not 7.

And presuming you meant Feb 13, 2015, then there was 12+ months until the summer of 2016 when the engine failed at 33K miles. How many oil changes occurred during those 15K miles (33,000 minus 8,000)?


… or… how many oil changes do the OP’s hand-written notes claim were performed during that timeframe?


Something is not adding up here,
Took 1 1/2 years to get to 8,060 miles and then a few months to put on the other 25,000 miles.

Even if you meant February 13, 2015 you still went 500 miles over on the oil change,= warranty voided.


Based on all available evidence, this is all on the OP’s shoulders (and wallet), no matter how flawed that engine design might be.


A used motor is $1k. Should be able to put it in for <$1k


The rebuilt motors on that car are $4000 installed. New motor is $10,000 installed.

I have a friend who goes to used car and parts auctions all the time. He can’t find any of those motors because… wait for it…



I did mean 2015, of course.


I mean 2015. I also meant months, not moths.

Tough crowd in here.


Correct. I do my own but always keep the OEM tags for the filters, etc. I put in better quality oil than the dealer would.


It’s really a shame that you don’t perform required maintenance and keep records on your cars. You’d be fart’n through silk right now.

I have six cars. Each car has a file folder at home with receipts and each car has a log book in the glove compartment. Whenever a car shows an even 5,000 mile interval on the odometer then it gets an oil change and whatever else it needs. Very simple. Very organized.

I check oil and all under-hood fluids on all vehicles, weekly.

A simple system would behoove you on your next vehicle.



Not so much a tough crowd, but details are very important. That’s why they are spelled out in the Owner’s Manual and Warranty Information. Anecdotes and close enough just won’t cut it when problems arise.