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Hyundai tucson 2008 2L ecu flash

Hello.Anybody knows where I can find and download the software update or flash for my ecu? Also would a cheap scanner like ancel ad410 with laptop connectivity is enough for the flash/update?

You need a factory level scanner with the update software to flash/update the ECU.

And that’s the dealer.


Exactly why do you want to update the software?

Are you trying to fix a particular problem?

If so, why are you so sure a software update will fix it?


I have a p0304 missife for a while and I replaced a lot plus checked a lot and I am thinking maybe it’s just an ecu issue

Thank you for that information . . .

Personally, I think the software update won’t fix your #4 misfire

spark plugs and ignition coils, I presume?

you checked for spark?

compression test?

is #4 injector being pulsed properly?

As for that injector, have you at least verified that you can hear it’s clicking at idle?

have you checked injector resistance, to make sure #4 injector isn’t open circuit or shorted?

injector balance test?

no rat damage to wiring for #4 coil and/or #4 injector?