Freeze frame P0304 hyundai tucson 2L 2008

Hello I am having a missfire on 4th cylinder a while now and it bugs me as the car seems to run normal but the code kepps coming back.I recently got an ancel a410 scanner and I cleared the code twice so I can get the engine light back on and see the freeze frame data of the code.Changed spark plugs cables and spark plugs checked my MAF and swap position of the coil pack to see if the issue goes to another cylinder.It seems to me that any time I clear the code it comes back around every 100-150 klm and when the engine is cold at idle.i ll post here later today the numbers of the freeze frame I got to times in row.One question before I post the numbers.Can a leaky fuel injector that drips over night when the car is not running makes the mix to rich in the morning and gives me a missfire? Because I remember for sure both freeze frames gave me between -5 to -8 short term fuel trim p.s. compression is 180-179-178-180

Given those compression numbers and the fact you did a coil swap and new plugs and wire… I’d do a fuel injector swap and see if it follows, especially if the #4 plug was a bit black when it came out.

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Actually my mechanic said he swaped the coil pack but I am not so sure what he did exactly.Re cently I got my test light and multimeter and I be tested the spark coming out form the pack in all four exits and it seemed to me that the one for the 4 cylinder was a bit weaker and maybe inconsistent.How can I swap the cables to see if the p0304 code moves to the other cylinder just by swaping cables between pairs? E.g. 4 with 2 ? Isn’t the coil pack fires in order the cylinders ? Will that swap make the engine not work properly or damage it? Or you just replacing the coil pack ?