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2012 Hyundai Elantra Startup Issue

Hi, I have an 2012 Hyundai Elantra. I’ve been having an intermittent issue with startup. When I go to start the car it cranks and just when you’d expect it to start it just drops out. I’m not letting up off the key too early, this happens as I’m still turning the key. All the dash lights stay on. When I try it again it starts right up. I did mention it to the dealer last time it was in and they said they looked it up and discovered the cable to my starter was loose so they tightened it. Clearly that hasn’t fixed the problem. I’m just concernced that this may become a bigger problem down he line. Thanks!

We had the same problem with the same model and year car. It happened only once, and never happened again.

Anyone have any ideas at all?

They talk about a fuel pump ground on this forum
They have a link posted by “Carmine” to show the ground and you have to register to get to it. They also have video showing the problem.

Thanks knfenimore. I checked out the video and, unfortunately, that’s not what it’s doing. In the video they are turning the key, it turns and keeps turning but just doesn’t start. The problem I’m having intermittently has me turning the key, it cranks and even though I don’t let go of the key, it just drops out. No cranking and no starting. Very strange.

If it cranks at normal speed, my suspicion is some kind of fuel problem. Might be worth it if this persists to schedule a fuel pressure test. If there is a fuel pressure problem, could be anything from the fuel pump/check valve/fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator/leaky injector(s).

Thanks GeorgeSanJose! I will check that out.