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2007 Hyundai Sonata Rear disc brakes

I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata. Last September I had to replace the rear disc pads and rotors at 50,000 miles. The fronts were fine. Last week at 74,000 miles I had to have them replaced again. I only use my left foot when I drive, so I don’t ride the brake. The dealer is telling me that there is a proble with the Sonatas that causes the pads to rust and get locked in the Caliper. I live mostly in the Boston area and drive periodically to Norther NH. The dealer went on to say that the car wasn’t designed to run in New England weather. This sounds pretty lame to me as I have been to South Korea and I know what the winters’s are like up there. Something’s rotten in Denmark.

It’s Spelled S-A-L-T. It’s Rotten In Denmark And In New England.

The roads get covered with it in the winter. It is highly corrosive.

I agree though, for a dealer to tell you that, is lame. What this person is saying is that they sell a product in New England that is not suitable to sell there. I wonder if folks higher up the food-chain at Hyundai would like to hear about it?


To the best of my knowledge the Sonata is built in the US. I’m reasonably sure the prototypes were tested in all climates, so the dealer is full of it when he says the car was not designed for New England weather.

If salt is a problem for the brakes, the calipers should periodically be removed, cleaned, and the slides lubricated to keep them from rusting. This is not rocket science.

Yes, that is an extremely lame excuse.
If we were to accept the dealership person’s statement, that would mean that Hyundai’s product does not comply with the definition of Warranty of Merchantability, and that would be a major failing in the marketplace.

May I Ask If The Car Sits For Periods Of Time, Up To Several Days (possibly a week or more) At A Time In The Winter?

I have noticed that cars that are driven through slush/salt and then parked for a while are more likely to have this problem.


The dealer did mention the he had started a special program where for $69.95 they would remove the rear brake calipers and inspect and clean them every 1500 miles. I drive 3000/month. It hardly seems worth it. I’m guessing that there is either something wrong with the vehicle and the dealer can’t figure it out or the dealer installed the first rear brakes incorrectly.