2003 Ford Expedition

Sometimes while driving, I hear a noise that sounds something like I’m dragging metal and then feel a thump, and the noise stops. Noise seems to come from the front end area. Wheel bearing? sounds like a gear not engaged or something.

It’s probably a Mini Cooper or normal-sized car that you’ve run over a few miles back being drug underneath your land yacht. I know they’re hard to see way up there when you pilot something that big.

However, just in case I’m wrong, I’m going to ask for a little more info. How many miles does this thing have on it?

82 thousand

The problem might be from a sticking/worn locking hub in the front axle. Have someone inspect the vacuum motors and hoses to the front hubs to make sure they’re intact. If that checks out OK, then the next step would be to check the locking hub assemblies.