Hyundai santa fe starting trouble

The car is 2001 with 89000 miles with new batteries, spark plugs, coil, spark plug wires and tune up done but has not resolved the problem of the car not starting first thing in the morning.

The engine turns over and seems to want to start each morning but after many attempts the engine coughs to a start and the rpm builds very slowly. Through the day it starts every time and runs smoothly. Unfortunately some mornings it does not start at all and its really frustrating …So when the car is taken to the mechanic, it starts each time.

Really foxed and puzzled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try this tomorrow. Turn it on, but don’t turn the key to start. Wait 5 seconds, then turn it off an repeat, then try starting it.

I concur with Joseph’s suggestion.

He’s trying to find out if the problem is the fuel draining out of the line overnight by having you repressurize the fuel system before trying to start it.

Thank you for the excellent suggestion. I will try this tomorrow and keep you posted. By the way, the check engine light is not on but the exhaust pipe does have a leak that needs to be fixed. The mechanic thinks that the leak is interfering with the oxygen sensors but the computer diagnostic does not show the problem.

If the leak is that far forward you’re gonna want to fix it anyway. Carbon monoxide getting into the passenger cabin can put you to sleep without you even realizing it’s happening. One minute you’re driving down the highway, the next minute…BANG…you’re dead!